Bradley Simonsen


A master of architectural visualization, Brad joined APMA in 2009 as an Architectural Designer and Visualization Artist. With a diverse range of experience – from creating animations for the mechanical systems of bio-chemical plants to drawing artistic renderings of churches, schools, corporate and residential projects – Brad’s passion is for creating 3D worlds that bring to life the designs of talented architects and interior designers. His images are often used to help convey difficult and complex designs, and he plays a critical role in bringing excitement, hope, and a sense of reality to our clients’ projects. 


Computer Aided Drafting and Design, ITT


Visual things such as photography, art, etc. I am also inspired by technology and nature.

“I don’t really stand around spouting off quotes, but Abraham Lincoln was one of those people who actually spouted quotes all the time, the only difference is he actually made them up himself! So pretty much anything Abe Lincoln ever said is amazing to me.”