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Diana Farrell

Interior Design

Diana loves to do things well and feel the sense of accomplishment at the end of a project. Meticulous in nature, Diana loves to learn and master new challenges that are presented with every project. With her varied background, Diana has extensive experience with a wide variety of commercial projects varying from banks and corporate offices to multi-family and hospitality. She loves to be involved in every aspect of a project in order to keep things cohesive and ensure the client’s vision is realized.


Bachelor of Interior Design
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011

Lorenzo de ‘Medici - Florence, Italy
Study Abroad program, Spring 2010


I am inspired by travel. I believe that travel can broaden one’s perspective more than any other experience. I love to understand how people in other cultures live, both now, and in the past.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”
– Suzy Kassem