The 2017 Omaha’s Historic Streetcar System Intensive Level Survey of Preservation Resources document is ready to roll with YOUR help!


The Omaha City Planning Department and the Nebraska State Historical Society enlisted the expertise of APMA’s Historic Specialists on a large architectural resource survey. This survey dove into research, analysis, and evaluation of the commercial buildings along the greatest extent of Omaha’s historic streetcar system to help develop planning and preservation recommendations for the City of Omaha.

APMA’s Historic Specialists included Jennifer Honebrink, Chris Jansen, and Caitlin Benton. They worked alongside city planners Jed Moulton and Trina Westman and REO researchers Kristine Gerber, Gary Rosenberg, Patrick Thompson and photographer Nathan King to collect data and photographs for the extensive report. The influence of the streetcar system on the development of Omaha had been a recurring theme in previous surveys and the team started by gathering information on all properties adjacent to the historic streetcar routes, of which there were thousands! From the thousands rose a few hundred that were identified as having sufficient integrity to illustrate the history of neighborhood commercial areas associated with the streetcar in Omaha. These were grouped into 44 areas, such as Little Bohemia, Cascio’s and Manderson Market.

The 262-page document, which is rich in colorful maps and photographs, is organized by historic context, resource analysis, and recommendations for each of the 44 study areas.  The goal of the study was to identify those areas which are candidates for historic or conservation districts, as well as those that could benefit from planning and zoning overlays that fit their existing conditions better.  Future development of these areas will be encouraged as the architectural assets and development principles are implemented through a thoughtful planning processes.

The influence of the historic system and how it was originally used, can be seen as an example as Omaha moves forward and redevelops its streetcar neighborhoods, and that’s when YOUR help comes in!

Step 1: Get educated.

Step 2: Spread the word.

Step 3: Work with the planning department to implement zoning and planning changes that will benefit your neighborhood and list your historic neighborhood so it gets the recognition it deserves.

*Be sure to include your family and friends in Step 1 – Step 3 😊

We are happy to help you with Step 1. Get your hands on the 2017 Omaha’s Historic Streetcar System Intensive Level Survey by calling the Planning Department at 402 444 5150. Copies will be available from the preservation office.  For Step 2 and Step 3, you got this in the bag!